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Bailey answers your Questions

09 January 2017

Hurricanes player George Bailey today went online and answered Hurricanes fans questions via The Mercury newspaper live blog. Some great insight, have a read below.

More of the Live Blog & your questions answered by George at 

Sam: Well batted last night George

GB: Thanks Sam, Would have been nice to clear the fence a few more times!


Sam: What was the thinking behind bowling Short before Webster last night?

GB: I think Painey would have been wary of Shane Watson's record against off spin bowling - Darcy is a little more of an unknown and he would have been hoping he might make Watto take a risk.


James: Some disappointing results for the team but you'd have to be pretty happy with your personal performances. What is the main thing the team needs to "fix" to turn the season around?

GB: I think our fielding has been the most disappointing thing this BBL. We have created plenty of chances - lots of them in the key powerplay stage of the game as well - but not taken them. When the game is as challenging as it is you have to make sure those chances are taken.  Plus if you can save 10 runs in the field that can be huge in the context of a game.


Gary: Was their any consideration of batting Wells above Christian, particularly given you were 3 wickets down pretty early on?

GB: There was Gary.  Wells was coming in and I believe the change was only made when Fawad was bowling so well. Dan's a great player of spin - unfortunately the old bloke he was batting with couldn't get him on strike enough!  It is great to see how well Wellsy is hitting the ball though.


Nigel: Hi George, are you angry/disappointed to be left out of the one-day squad? Your average is very good across your whole career.

GB: Morning Nige.  It certainly hurts. I would love to still be in that team and think I have done pretty well over the years!


Richard: What's the best advice you can give to young players who want to make it to the top in the game? How much training is required and what's the amount of time needed to be put in?

GB: I think its like any profession Richard, to make it to the top requires a huge amount of time, investment of energy and sacrifice. The best players I have played with are all extremely passionate about the game - they have an inherent love for it,  And they are very self driven. They take responsibility for their own games and make sure they do the hard work themselves, they don't wait for coaches to tell them.


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