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Bailey & Fazackerley Chat Pre-Seasons At Cadbury Launch

27 July 2018

Cadbury Australia – Hobart Hurricanes Partnership Announcement Gift Presentation:

BBL Hurricanes Men’s Team Captain George Bailey: Kjetil, I heard the deal was that we give you one Hurricanes playing shirt with your name on it and in return we get free chocolate so here you go…

George Bailey hands over playing shirt with ‘STEVE-O’ printed in large block letters on the back.

Cadbury Director of Chocolate for Australia and New Zealand Kjetil Undhjem: Oh absolutely, thank you very much. I will be very very proud to wear this shirt as we get into the Summer.

George Bailey: I think that’s a self-proclaimed nickname of yours on the shirt right?

Kjetil Undhjem: Well, when your name is Kjetil and when you’re Norwegian, you’ve got to get yourself an Aussie name so ‘Steve-O’ is my nickname.

BBL Hurricanes Men’s Team Captain George Bailey Media Launch Interview:

George, is this Cadbury and Hurricanes partnership with the Tasmanian history and family-friendly culture and shared colour purple a ‘no-brainer’?

Yes absolutely – the more purple the better at Blundstone Arena.

And as if kids needed another reason to come and see a T20 game with the ‘Canes blasting sixes and taking wickets, and now chocolate on ‘Cadbury Hill’ at the stadium by the old scoreboard sounds pretty good to me.

You’ve stayed home for the winter off-season this year, how beneficial will that be for you this Summer?

Well the proof will be in the pudding I guess, but certainly mentally it’s been fantastic – lots of time with the family and it’s also been great to spend heaps of time with a lot of the younger Tigers.

Just by the virtue of usually being away and normally once the season starts, you’re just too busy that you don’t spend as much time as you want with them – so that’s been great to stay here this time around instead.

There’s awesome energy and invigoration around the squad and the standard of training has been fantastic, so it’s been really good to be around that.

What did you make of Gary Kirsten’s tough decision to depart and Adam Griffith’s appointment as the Hurricanes’ new Head Coach?

Yeah, well I think that was probably always the long-term plan, so it’s probably just been moved forward a little quicker than expected.

I think it was a pretty self-less decision from Gary to understand that this is a really good development for Cricket Tasmania and for the Hurricanes and for ‘Griff’ so it’s going to work really well.

I think Gary had a really positive impact and I know ‘Griff’ learned a lot from him in the short period that he was here.

And I know a couple of the boys will certainly keep in touch and he’ll certainly keep an eye on us as well from South Africa, so hopefully we can build on that really good impact he had with us this year.

Is there a transition plan for your leadership role George?

Well I think we are always trying to develop our younger leaders, so that’s been a really big focus over the last 12 months under ‘Griff’ anyway and under Senior Assistant Coach Jeff Vaughan.

So that’s something that is ongoing – and there’s no one ‘standout’ player to me which I think is exciting.

There’s actually a handful of guys who I think on the back of a really good year and with another year of development – could be the next captain of Tasmania which is fantastic.

Would you like to have a year as a player only or do you thrive on that captaincy and responsibility to make you play even better?

I’m not really sure – I haven’t really given that too much thought.

I’ve heard stories and obviously in my experience there was Dan Marsh who stepped down and had a year playing and he was of great benefit to me and was really helpful.

So I know that can work, but I’ve also heard stories from other States about captains stepping down and then realising that’s actually where they like to be and it’s been a disaster.

So bit of a cliché, but I think I will let this season play out and see how it all goes and probably start thinking about it post Christmas.

How much is it still burning losing that Big Bash final last season during this pre-season?

Ummm not really – well obviously we would’ve loved to have won, but I still thought it was a fantastic season.

The nature of T20 is that’s how those things tend to go, but taking the entire season as a whole – I thought we grew as a group and learned so much about a lot of individuals.

I think we will be better for that season and I don’t actually think we ever got to a stage where we were playing great cricket really consistently, which is probably something you could say about the Hurricanes for a number of years.

We sort of have a couple of great games and then a really disappointing game, so certainly our biggest focus is still just being able to be consistently good day-in and day-out.

Have you been keeping a close eye on Tymal Mills’ form over the last few months or so?

Yeah he’s had a bit of a quad injury – and they’re big quads too – so if there’s an injury there, then it takes a bit of repairing.

But during the chats I’ve had with him he’s absolutely ‘champing at the bit’ to get back and have a bigger and better year for us, and he’s keen to get a lot of cricket under his belt before he gets here, so that’s really promising for us.

WBBL Hurricanes Women’s Team Player Erin Fazackerley Media Launch Interview:

What do you think about this new Cadbury and Hurricanes partnership?

We are all really excited about it and we’ve got a few known choca-holics in our team so I think our dietician could have her work cut out with this.

How’s pre-season going from your point of view?

Yeah really well so far, a few injuries have been a bit frustrating, but aside from that everything’s going really well and having Salliann Briggs on board now and more players training professional hours has been brilliant.

A big change in your coaches obviously, what’s that been like internally – a totally different set-up?

Yeah it’s really exciting having Sal and also Dan Marsh there as well, so it’s been a mix of that and also more players training professional hours.

So it’s been a mix of both things all changing at the same time but it’s been really good so far.

What’s it like having a Tasmanian cricket icon like Dan Marsh involved as Assistant Coach?

Dan obviously had a lot of experience in cricket and the Tasmanian Cricket organisation so I think that’s going to be really valuable for us.