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Hurricanes Make a Splash at YMCA

12/12/2012 15:41 PM

Hobart Hurricanes Jonathan Wells and Evan Gulbis have hit the water at Clarence Aquatic Centre today to help launch the 2013 YMCA Swimathon.

Assisted by Captain Hurricane, the pair encouraged the public to get involved in this annual event which will be held at YMCA’s across Australia on Sunday 3 March from 10am -11am.

The YMCA Swimathon encourages people of all ages and abilities to dive in and swim laps to help give everyone in the community the chance to learn vital swimming and water safety skills.

As a national fundraiser, last year the event saw over 1200 people participate across 69 pools and raise almost $110,000 for their local communities. This year, the YMCA wants to raise more, to help more.

“The ability to enjoy water and learn to swim is an important life skill, just like reading or writing. But what if you have a disability, come from a country where you may have never seen a pool before, or your parents can’t afford lessons?” says Jane Crosswell, CEO of YMCA of Hobart.

YMCA is delighted to have the support of the Hobart Hurricanes and we are so pleased to have Captain Hurricane and the team come along and show their support for our local community by helping us launch this great event.

This year’s theme is “How Far? – How Much?” We are asking people to consider how far they will swim and how much they will commit to raise?

“We believe there should be no barriers to anyone being able to learn to enjoy and be safer in and around water. All money raised from the YMCA Swimathon will be reinvested in our local community programs.” Ms Crosswell says.

People can dive in and register now for the YMCA Swimathon at www.ymcaswimathon.org.au or ask at their local YMCA-managed pool.

Swimmers can take part in the YMCA Swimathon on 3 March at the following pools:

Clarence Aquatic Centre YMCA, Loinah Street, Montagu Bay

Glenorchy War Memorial Swimming Pool, Anfield Street, Glenorchy


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